A Dreadful Nightmare

(Contain some religious content. Read at your own risk. Thank you ^^)

As the first-born child in a devout Christian family, I was raised to always obey the word of God, which is written in the Holy Bible. I was taught to always be compassionate towards others, to always be kind and merciful, and to always respect the elderly.

But one of the most important lesson that my mom ever told me was "to always praise the Lord, either through the song you played with the piano, the song you sang with all your heart, or even the song you played through MP3". My mom always said that praising the Lord will bring joy to the Father in heaven, calmed my soul down, or even cast out the demon that dwell in the house. I never thought that the songs that I played will ever cast any, any demons that dwell in my house, until one day, God spoke to me through that one terrifying night.

It was a great day, just for your information. And it was late at night, I was getting ready to sleep. One thing I k…

Introduction Dialogue

Debi notices someone reading Laskar Pelangi at the library.

Debi : (walks by) So, Andrea Hirata, huh?
Ajay : Yea... you like novels too?
Debi : Sure thing, dude! (sits in front) I'm a huge fan of novels!
Ajay : Then, I assume you're familiar with Tere Liye?
Debi : Of course! I love his work very much!
Ajay : Cool! Me too!
Debi : I'm Debi, by the way. And you are...?
Ajay : Ajay. You come here often?
Debi : Not really, dude. Just a couple of times in a week.
Ajay : Ah... I see. Schoolwork?
Debi : Yea... I did some of my schoolwork here, of course. But I also enjoy reading in the silence.
Ajay : Ah... okay.
Debi : How about you? What do you do?
Ajay : Still a student. A senior high school student.
Debi : Really? Where are you studying?
Ajay : SMAN 3 Bandung. Familiar with that?
Debi : Um... this is awkward.
Ajay : What?
Debi : (awkwardly giggles) I'm also a student there... a first-grader. But I never met you... untill now, I guess?
Ajay : No way! Every students there know me!
Debi : Gimme …

All About Me

Hello, everyone! ^^)/ I'm Debora Rumondang Bintang Panjaitan, the writer behind all the stories you might find on this blog. From now on, please just call me Debai. ^^)/
Before we start, can anyone guess where do I come from?? If you say Indonesia, congratulations! You're correct!
I'm an Indonesian who has Bataknese father, Javanese mother, was born in Jakarta, waited for my brother and sisters delivery day in Bogor, and finally, live in Bandung.Technically, I've been traveling all around Java without me even realizing it! *laugh*
I was born in the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta, on December 16th 2001. I'm the first-born child in my family, just like my mother. Right now, I live happily in Bandung with both of my parents and my siblings, a totally handsome brother *yuck!*, and two of the most annoying sisters in the whole world! (Don't tell them I said that, okay? *wink*)
I haven't married yet, of course! *laugh* Right now, I'm studying at one of the best…