Indirect Speeches!!!

Hi, everyone! ^^)/

It's been a long time since the last time I posted something on this blog. I've been through some hectic and thrilling (well, mostly boring and full assignments) experience in my current school. And right now, I'm writing this post just to fulfill one of the tasks that needs to be done for the final exam.

This assignment is based on the conversation from page 28.

Rudi met Ben and greeted him warm-heartedly. He asked Ben how were things going on in his life. Ben replied the greetings and told Rudi about how great he looks in his black jacket. Rudi thanked Ben for saying so. Ben asked Rudi whether the outfit was new or not, for he had never seen it before. Rudi said that his sister had bought the jacket when she went to Singapore.

Rudi then complimented Ben about his new hairstyle. He asked Ben where did he cut his hair, since he liked it a lot. Ben thanked Rudi for thinking so, and told him that it was his brother that had done it for him. He also stated that…

Sydney Opera House!

"Sydney Opera House". Who doesn't know this place? This is one of the most peculiar building in the world, and it is located on the smallest continent in the world, Australia! Precisely in Sydney, New South Wales, of course! *laugh*

Do you know that this happens to be the most popular performing arts venue in the world? No? Do you want to know more about this unique place? Why don't you check our new ad video that me and my friend made recently? I'm sure you'll find something new about this picturesque building! *wink*

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The Glorious Komodo Dragon

We all have our own special someone, who is somehow really contagious towards us. Ever since we know them, suddenly, whether we realize it or not, we started to like doing something we've never done before, or maybe eat something we don't like, just because these special people love to do that.

I had my special someone, once (he's still my special ones, tho). He loves animals so much, particularly fishes and giant lizards. And apparently, his love towards those reptiles has influenced me, who used to hate animal so much, to love and to care about these amazing creatures. And today, although I really hate to do this, I'm going to share a little part of him that dwells somewhere between my mind, which is one of his favorite creature, the Komodo Dragon.


Conservation Status : Vulnerable
Scientific Classification : Kingdom : Animalia Phylum : Chordata Class : Reptilia Order : Squamata Family : Varanidae Genus : Varanus Subgenus : Varanus Species : Varanus komodoensis

Some Assignment From Today

Well, today, we were told to make some sentences with a... well, what? "A freaking-long-and-very-compound noun phrases". So, here they are.

1. I was in the park with my friend this morning, Mum. And you know what? We met a very beautiful(yet friendly)-tall-young-Italian woman! And she bought us ice cream!

2. Could you give me my brand new-black-Indonesian-rubber bracelet, Dear? It's on the cupboard. I want to wear it when I go to the party today!

3. This is a spectacularly-breathtaking-huge-modern-rectangular-colorful picture you draw here, Hon! So fantastic!

4. I need you to focus, Babe. I want you to bring me my cool-grey-Korean-metal-drawing-pen. Not this stupid-old-pink-local-plastic-writing pen

5. C'mon, Dad... I'll be 17th in no time... Will you buy me that super-cool-slim-brand new-German-metal-sport car, Dad? Please... 

That's all, guys. Don't blame me, I'm not to good at making such long noun phrase! *laugh* 
Anyways, have a nice day, guys!

A Moment to Refresh My Soul -pt.1-

*the trilogy was written based on my 3-days-experience when everyone celebrated the "Rachnandyaguna"* 
September 8th, 2017
I received my Physics test result with a bitter smile painted on my face. It was the second time I had the lowest score so far throughout my life within a week, 37.5. I felt really down, devastated, and disappointed. Everytime I looked at my paper, I started questioning myself. "Why am I studying here? Why didn't God put me in the same school I used to attend? Does He know that I'm struggling so bad here?" That moment, the only thing I know was that I'm a failure. I was too tired. Tired of the school, of my family, and of my life. I didn't think I'll survive even longer if I stay there. 

But little did I know, that what would happen in the following three days, will eventually change how I feel when I look at the paper, and my perception of my life's meaning.


It was about the time for my Moslem friends to do their Midday …

The Gloom Side of The World Tournament

You may say that August 25th was one of the best Friday I had so far. You wanna know why? Lemme tell you that. It was about 1 P.M. in the afternoon, and the sun shone brightly above our head. The air was really hot, and it was definitely not the best circumstances to hold a running test. For your information, I hate running so much. I don't care whether it's only 200 meters or 1 kilos, I just don't like it. Even if the teacher gave me 3 or more weeks to prepare for the test, I will still do nothing to... well, improve my stamina, like maybe doing cardio exercise or stuff. Long story short, I finally did the test. And you know what? To my surprise, I run for exactly 7 rounds, which means I reached the minimum mastery criteria! I don't have to run like this again until... well, next year! 

I was so happy, I was so proud of what I achieved, and I couldn't stop running until the sunset.

But, little did I know, was that what I did for the rest of that day, the running par…

Arranging Vacation Plans

Debby met Zarya right after they finished their History test.

Debby : Phew! That was harsh!
Zarya : You bet so, dude! I doubt anyone will pass this test.
Debby : (rubbing her head with her hand desperately) Gosh... I don't even know what I wrote back there.
Zarya : Screw this. School sucks! I can't wait till the next holiday.
Debby : (startled) Next holiday? Whoa... whoa. Slow down! Everyone here is busy with tests and stuff, and all you are thinking is the next holiday?
Zarya : Yea, well, you know, too much stress just from learning is not good, you know? You need to escape from reality sometimes, and start fantasizing for a moment!
Debby : So, are you saying you already have a plan for the next holiday?
Zarya : Yup!
Debby : Do you mind telling me what is it?
Zarya : Well, since we have a not-so-long Christmas break---
Debby : What Christmas break? When?
Zarya : Gosh... you barely know anything, don't you? You don't even know when is our Christmas break! What do you usually do at…